About Us


Chemtech.ng is an online marketplace for the buying and selling of chemicals in the world of business to

business transaction.

We provide buyers of chemicals a unique way of searching many sellers concorrectly and asking them to

quote for a supply of chemicals, defined according  to the chemical, type of packaging and time of

delivery at the best price that suits you.



Our vision is to become world class provider of services to facilitate the purchase and sales of chemicals between buyers and sellers online .



Our value are so fundamental on the way we operate, putting all our interest in  ‘every customer is important “.

We uphold  honesty in delivering on our commitment.

We believe teamwork brings the extraordinary things in ordinary people.


We have our own code of conduct and policies governing us:

  1. Cooperative responsibility
  2. Environmental health and safety.
  3. Impact and export compliance
  4. Confidentiality and data protection
  5. Insider trading.
  6. Avoiding of conflicts of interest.
  7. Record keeping
  8. Internet security and safety.